What does the web app do?

The web app is the user's interface with GuestOf's technology stack. There are two versions: a secure version for the employees of a company and a regular version for tenants of an apartment building/complex. Each of these versions have different capabilities available to them.

Regular version

User's can create, delete and modify digital passes as they see fit. Fine tuned controls on the preferences of their account and the individual passes is available at any time. As long as you are a tenant of a building on GuestOf's network, you will have complete control over your account.

All a guest has to do to gain entry is place the code they received in their email under one of GuestOf's scanners and if it is valid they will be granted access to the building. User's can send passes through email, text or any other messaging service.

Secure version

User's can only generate a short term pass to gain entry into their company's workspace.

To create a new pass press the Generate Pass button in the secure app and a new pass will created for you to gain entry with. It expires in 30 seconds to ensure the security of the building.